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viernes, 10 de julio de 2015

Tom Morello - Colaboraciones (En español)

Esta entrada va dirigida a linkear videos subtitulados de Morello con otros musicos, por si no saben he creado 2 compilados de colaboraciones y rarezas, llamadas "Guerrilla guitar vol.1 y vol.2".

Guerrilla Guitar Vol 1:

02 - Name of the Game (The Crystal Method)
03 - Nutmeg Fantasy (Macy Gray)
04 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC-DC)
05 - Rise Up (Cypress Hill)
06 - Beds are Burning (AntiFlag)
07 - Big Willie (Run-DMC)
08 - Depleted uranium is a war crime (Anti-flag)
09 - War (Small Soldiers Soundtrack)
11 - Wish a were here  (With Slash and Jerry Cantrell)
12 - Mama Didn´t Raise No Fool (With Primus)
13 - Lungs (with Steve Earle)
14 - Shed your skin (Indigo Girls, Tom Morello remix)
15 - Power Mad (Primus)
16 - Face Off (Extended Edit)
17 - Cuntry Boner (Puscifer)
18 - Lateralus (Tool)
19 - Alone Without You (Nightwatchman)
20 - Stars of Orion (Berkeley soundtrack)
21 - Guerilla Radio (The Nightwatchman)
22 - A Team Blasstoff Suite (A-Team soundtrack) *
23 - The Ghost Of Tom Joad Acoustic (with Bruce Springsteen)

Guerrilla Guitar Vol.2

02-We Are The 99 Percent *+
03-Ease My Revolutionary Mind (Tom Morello)
05-Riotstarted (con Public Enemy y Henry Rollins)
06-The Long Road Ahead (con Shooter Jennings y Eleanor Whitmore)
07-The Midas Touch (Real steel soundtrack)
08-Union Song (Studio version)
10-Super Battle (Battleship Soundtrack) *
11- Whaddup (LL Cool JChuck D, Travis Barker, and Z-Trip)
14- Carry It (Travis Barker, RZA, Raekwon)
15-Captain Sterling's Little Problem (The Coup)
17-Blind Willie McTell (Bob dylan cover)
18-Father's Son (Fistful of Mercy)
20-Wild, Cool Sweet (Crystal Method)
21-Checkmate (Hang 'em High remix) Cypress Hill
22-Wrote A Song For Everyone (With John Fogert y Miranda Lambert)
23-ESPN's 'Baseball Tonight' theme song *

 * Instrumentales
*+ Letra en ingles y español
** Letra en español
*++ Letra en español,  arabe e ingles.

Ps: Actualmente tengo 10 colaboraciones/rarezas, esperare a reunir mas y ofrecerles un nuevo compilado, saludos.

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